When renown jewelry designer and trend forecaster, Nadia Lee, gave birth to her little girl, she wanted to abide to the family tradition of giving her daughter a genuine gold keepsake to safeguard her peace and prosperity.

After an exhaustive search, and unable to find anything in genuine gold that is remotely attractive, Nadia grew frustrated and ultimately decided to design one herself; producing a one-off fine jewelry using her baby's name. For Nadia, it was a necklace to be worn as a new mom to celebrate the birth of her child,  in addition to being an heirloom with a personal touch when it is passed on.

It was only when she wore the necklace, did Nadia realized the volume of people who shared the same frustration of finding gold jewelry with a contemporary flair. Having received constant compliments and personal requests to have the design made for their love ones, Nadia eventually decide to create Rank and Issue as a place to handle the overload of referrals.  

Every single piece of Rank and Issue fine jewelry is uniquely designed and produced with absolute care, a timely process that is certain of its result. Since R&I's methods are remarkably different from our costume jewelry workings with high-end department stores, we appreciate your patience with each order's thorough design and production process.